Japanese Saltwater Pearls 8.5 - 9.0 mm

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Japanese saltwater pearls at SelecTraders: Made for a goddess - our saltwater cultured pearl necklace Olymp is a masterpiece. Our close contacts to selected pearl farms allow us to offer treasures at affordable prices. This precious japanese akoya pearl strand is 18 inches long and comes with a ball clasp of 14k yellow or white gold. It is made of perfectly round cultured pearls with excellent lustre and extraordinary shine. You can find japanese saltwater pearls in this size and quality only at reputable jewellers - for a tidy sum of money. We have the matching Pearl Earrings Classic and Pearl Earrings Lugh in our shop. NEW: The completed japanese saltwater pearl strand will be finished in AA+ or AAA quality with your choice of 14-karat clasp (see pictures). Delivery time for such custom-made item is about 1 week. - Please see details below -

Appraisalprepared by Raik Werner, Recipient, GIA Letter of Completion, Pearl Grading Extension Class  1698.00 €
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Japanese Saltwater Pearls at SelecTraders
japanese saltwater pearls
Japanese Saltwater Pearls at SelecTraders
japanese saltwater pearls
Japanese Saltwater Pearls at SelecTraders

  • Product Code: 322
  • necklace: 18 inch
  • pearl type: saltwater cultured pearls (akoya pearls)
  • origin: Japan
  • Pearl quality: optional AA+ or AAA Quality
  • individually handknotted on silk
  • Pearl size: 8.5 mm - 9.0 mm
  • Body colour: white
  • Overtone: lightly rosé
  • Surface: 90% (AA+ quality) or 98% (AAA quality) inclusion free surface or better
  • Nacre: very good (AA+ quality) or excellent (AAA quality)
  • Rarity: rare (AA+ quality) or very rare (Top 1% of a Pearl Farm's Harvest)
  • Shape: perfectly round
  • Lustre: very good (AA+ quality) or excellent (AAA quality)
  • Clasp: optional yellow or white gold ball clasp - 585/1000 - 14 karat
  • Clasp: optional yellow or white gold clasp - 585/1000 - 14 karat, set with diamonds
  • Diamond weight: 0.24 carat
  • Diamond clarity: SI
  • Diamond colour: G (fine white)
  • Retail price: £2500 (AA+ quality) / £4800 (AAA quality)
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  • Selectraders customers receive a pearl certificate, customised for the individual piece of jewellery. It describes all features of your pearl jewellery. We specify in detail: type of pearls, quality, shape, size, colour and shades, as well as diamonds and precious metal used. Each customer will receice all necessary information about the chosen piece of jewellery. Therefore, Selectraders customers become pearl lovers and pearl experts.

  • Many vendors specialise in pearls of lower quality and price - easily identified, since these pearls show irregular shapes and imperfect surfaces.
  • Selectraders emphasizes on offering nearly perfect, immaculate pearls. These pearls are hard to find - only 1-5% of one entire harvest meet the standards required. Our customers acquire top quality at unbeatable prices. Unlike the common jewellery trade, we source our pearls from our own pearl farm and purchase excellent quality from other pearl farmers directly. Therefore, we eliminate intermediary trade, which enables our customers to save 300% or even 500% (Japanese Saltwater Pearls - necklace Olymp - retail price: £2500 AA+ quality / £4800 AAA quality). Selectraders customers benefit from these price differences. Since our customers are satisfied with their purchase, 30 % of them recommend Selectraders to friends and family. Happy customers are our best advertisement.