While surfing through our website, you may have noticed that we are offering exquisite pearl jewellery at very attractive prices. Have you set your heart on one of our treasures? Don’t hesitate to present one of your loved ones with a piece of fine jewellery. Maybe you are fulfilling a dream for yourself?
Certainly, the gem must be presented or kept in an adequate gift box.

presentation boxes

No matter which type of pearls your jewellery consists of, Freshwater, Akoya, South Sea or Tahitian, it should be protected by a jewelry box. Pearls should not be kept with your other jewellery. It’s also important, to protect your pearls from sunlight. (check out caring for pearls)
Therefore, SelecTrader’s pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, pearl earrings and rings will reach you in one of the jewellery boxes shown here. You don’t have to pay for these premium boxes, they are a gift from us to you. Just because beautiful pearls need a beautiful box. Our enchanting jewellery boxes in blue are not only protecting your pearl jewellery, but will accentuate the gem beautifully when you or your friends admire it.


A few images of our jewellery boxes:

presentation box

jewelry boxes

jewelry box

jewellery case

jewellery box

jewellery boxes

jewellery cases

gift boxes

gift box