Since we run our own pearl farms, we can offer excellent value for money when buying pearls from SelecTraders.

Akoya Pearl farm
Akoya Pearl farm

Tahitian Pearl farm
Tahitian Pearl farm

akoya oyster with pearls
The pearls you see here, embedded in the oyster, grace one of our customers already

Implanting the nucleus
This picture shows, how an oyster is implanted with a nucleus and the corresponding mantle tissue.

Quality control is effected on location. For the European market, only hand-picked pearls will be accepted.

golden South Sea Pearls
Here an example of precious golden South Sea Pearls, showing a size of 13mm, which are extremely rare and valuable.

green tahitian pearls
These selected green Tahitians were assorted by size and colour. They will be necklaces soon.
Our staff will send them directly to us at SelecTraders.

pearl warehouse
This is our warehouse for Akoya and Freshwater pearls. Intermediate trade? Not here.

Forget about:
- Pearl farmer to pearl trader
- Pearl trader to wholesaler
- wholesaler to retailer/jeweller

quality check
One of our colleagues on location, checking the quality of strands. Several criteria will be assessed:
colour matching of pearls and accuracy of knots for example. Always eager to save our customer’s money, we are preparing a great deal of our jewellery on location. Special orders can be considered.

drilling pearls
skilled staff applying utmost accuracy when working on the drill.

pearl overtones
All these pearls showing a variety of overtones – careful matching is important.

pearl matching
Here’s the progress, matching pearls on a strand, starting from the clasp.

selecting pearls
After assorting the pearls by size and colour, we can start selecting pairs for earrings.

pearl strands
A treasure of strands

tahitian pearls
assorted Tahitian pearls – we keep a wide selection, enabling us to consider our customer’s special demands as well.